Established in 1969

Shelties of Aldercrest was founded in 1969 when I moved to Oregon and purchased my first female sheltie. As a high school student I worked in a veterinary clinic and always admired the Shelties of Shirley Valo, a Minnesota breeder who owned quality dogs with sound temperament. After purchasing Honey I contacted Margerite Buckmiller who owned Markrisdo Kennels and began the search for quality stud service. Although that first female was not show quality I felt very responsible in choosing a mate for her that was and American and Canadian Champion. Having not yet acquired the quality and knowledge to compete in the breed ring, these beginning dogs were trained and shown in Obedience. Honey quickly earned her C.D.X. and her son Hobo his C.D. As the years passed we improved the quality of our stock by making sound choices for Stud dogs and when a litter improved upon the quality of the mother, we kept the younger dogs and spayed the mother.



Aldercrest Tri to Remember (Pictured to the Right) was one of our first males to be shown actively. He placed second in the open any other color class at the National Specialty in the early 1980’s handled by Dottie Adkins. “Treasure” sired our first home bred Champion. Canadian Champion Aldercrest Mr. Bo Jangles. (See picture below)



We purchased a Sable female to ad to our foundation . Queenie was line-bred Peter Pumpkin and we quickly learned that the line bred Banchory High Born dogs complemented her well. For more than thirty years we have crossed these two pedigrees and produced lovely dogs with outgoing temperament. We frequently receive referrals from local Obedience trainers and Veterinarians because they respect the quality of dogs we produce.







Shelties of Aldercrest is a Hobby kennel located in a rural area of Oregon City. All of our dogs are well socialized as we have seven children and all puppies are house raised.

Our puppies are intelligent and quick to learn to please their people. East to West we have the best ………………….. family dogs!! Aldercrest East is located in Ashland Mass. Joe and April have two shelties of Aldercrest, and have bred three litters. Their shelties are very social beings. (You might think spoiled, but it is their high intelligence that they have used to learn to run the house appropriately.)




Shelties of Aldercrest has stud service available through the International Canine Semen Bank. If you’re thinking family dog, think about our kennel.